Hosted Payment Page User Guide

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MerchantE (ME) Hosted Payments is an easy way to add Automated Clearing House (ACH) and card payment acceptance to any e-commerce website. It uses simple HTML to seamlessly redirect cardholders to ME’s secure payment server. Once on our secure payment page, the cardholder enters their payment details and is returned to the merchant’s website after the payment is submitted and confirmed.

The service is simple to deploy and easy to maintain. This step-by-step user guide will provide the information you need to set up and use Hosted Payments.

The Hosted Payments service has three main components:

  • Admin Dashboard

  • Payment Page

  • Customer Dashboard

Admin Dashboard

Settings and Configurations

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Custom Amounts

Recurring Payments

Custom Amount and Recurring Payments


Manage URLs

Site Customization

Transaction History

User Management

Reporting Portal

Payment Page

Guest Checkout

Creating an Account

Account Holder Adding an ACH Account

Account Holder Checkout

Setup up Recurring Payment

Customer Dashboard

Stored Payments

Existing Stored Payment Options

Adding New Stored Payment Options

Recurring Payments

Editing Recurring Payment Plan


Change the Password

Update Security Questions

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